Office Hours
Utility phone numbers
Picking up your keys
Parking information
Frequently asked questions

Office Hours:

Our office will be open during normal business hours during your move in week.

Move in day: Wednesday August 16th , 2017

Monday – Friday
9am – 5pm.

75 E. 16th Avenue
Columbus, Ohio 43201
(614)-299- 2897


Moving is rarely if ever “fun” and can be a stressful time. We work hard to try and make this process easier for everyone involved. If we haven’t covered something here, please do not hesitate to call us.



Utility Phone Numbers:

  • Columbia Gas:
    1-800- 344-4077AEP (Electric)
    1-800- 277-2177
  • City Electric (127 E. 13 th only)
    614-645- 7360
  • Time Warner Cable
    614-481- 5050
  • WOW (Cable)
    1-800- 848-2278
  • AT&T Internet Services
    1-800- 288-2020

Except for certain houses, your water bill will automatically be set up for you and can only be paid at our office. Your bill will come addressed to “Oxford Tenant” from Guardian Water and Power.

Picking up your keys:

On the day you move in, you will be stopping at our office to pick up the keys for your new apartment. We will exchange your keys for your first months rent. Please make sure to have a check or money order (cash not accepted for rent) ready at this time with the address of your house or apartment clearly printed on your payment.
The first person to pick up keys for your apartment will receive a move in packet. This
packet covers Oxford’s rules and regulations, a move in condition checklist (to be used again when you move out), parking rules and regulations, and a maintenance request list. Please make sure to fill out these forms immediately upon moving in.


During move-in towing will be called off at all of our buildings. However, you do need to make sure you are parked in one of our lots to ensure you are not towed or ticketed.

Parking Passes

Depending on the availability of parking at your new residence you may be able to purchase a parking pass on move-in day. We request that parking be paid separately from your rental payment. The cost for parking is $40 per pass for new tenants and $30 for returning tenants. This amount will cover parking through the end of your lease.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I move in before the start of my lease?

In short, NO. When we have opportunities to move tenants in early, we take full advantage and will call you. However, the only date we want you to set as an absolute is the move in date stated on your lease.

What is done to the apartment before I move in?

Anytime we turn an apartment we come in to paint all the walls (not doors and trim), have cleaners clean the kitchen and bathrooms and sweep and mop the apartment, steam clean all carpets, move furniture in and out (for furnished units), do preventative exterminating, change the locks, and have maintenance pass through with a punch out list.

What do I do if the furniture I requested is not here, doesn’t need to be here, or needs changed?

Please call our office to let us know if you are having a furniture problem. We immediately update our furniture crew so that they can get to your apartment as soon as possible.

What should I do if I see something wrong with my apartment when I go to move in?

At move in you will receive a move in packet that includes a maintenance request list for small maintenance issues. If you should encounter any major maintenance concerns you should call our office immediately. We will have someone meet you at the unit to address any problems.

Further information:

If you should have any further questions or concerns regarding your house or apartment please contact our office. We look forward to seeing you in August. Thank you for choosing Oxford Rentals Co. for your housing needs.